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September 7, 2014

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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What is the NRA’s Real Goal?

Photo credit: Reuters

Did you ever wonder if there is a connection between the following two facts?

  1. The board of directors of the National Rifle Association consists mainly of gun dealers, gun manufacturers, and others who profit from the multi-billion dollar gun industry.
  2. The NRA insists that virtually every crime problem in the country has one solution, more guns, which as it turns out, means more gun sales and even more profits for the gun industry.

When President Obama did absolutely nothing about guns and gun violence, the NRA said he was the most anti-gun president in history and screamed “He’s coming to take our guns away”, which resulted in many gun owners buying even more guns and even more profits for the gun industry.

When Obama’s one and only involvement with the gun issue was to make them easier to carry in public places, the NRA called him the most anti-gun president in history, which inspired higher gun sales and more profits for the gun industry.

When Obama said we ought to look at solutions to gun violence, without mentioning gun control, the NRA screamed “They’re coming to take our guns away” which increased gun sales and helped the gun industry.

Whenever someone – anyone – suggests there ought to be a limit to how many bullets a gun can fire before reloading, the NRA screams “they’re coming to take our guns away” which results in increased gun sales and higher profits for the gun industry.

If anyone suggests we ought to restrict access to “cop-killer” bullets that can rip through a policeman’s bullet-proof vest, the NRA screams “they’re coming to take our guns away” and gun sales increase along with gun industry profits.

When two dozen children are slaughtered by a lunatic with a military style assault rifle, the NRA proposes that the solution to this horrible tragedy is not to restrict access to these kinds of guns, but rather that we need more guns, which of course means more profits to the gun industry.

When nobody, anywhere, says anything about taking anyone’s guns away, the NRA screams “They’re coming to take our guns away” and a segment of our population dutifully rushes to the nearest gun store and creates more profits for the gun industry.

Due to this hysteria perpetuated by the NRA, whenever there is a mass shooting, before anyone even mentions gun control, sales of whatever type of gun was used in the massacre skyrocket, creating even more profits for the gun industry.

Every time there is a mass shooting in America, it’s a good day for the gun industry.

It’s quite a wonderful scam the NRA has going. It’s always a win-win situation for them. They have so thoroughly saturated our culture with this paranoia that no matter what happens, a sizeable segment of the population will always think they need to buy more guns.

The NRA cares very little about hunting, protecting the rights of law-abiding gun owners, or protecting oneself from criminals.  It exists for the purpose of maximizing the corporate profits of the firearms industry. As long as the NRA continues to drum up this phony threat of an oppressive government coming to take your guns away, the gun industry can continue reap the benefits and enjoy increased gun sales.


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