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September 20, 2015


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Sunday, March 24, 2013

Say Anything

There is a very disturbing trend occurring in our daily consumption of news and information. First, news is not really news. News used to be, oh, I don’t know, what’s happening on a given day in the war we’re fighting (which is rarely, if ever, covered anymore), or a report on a landmark Supreme Court decision, for instance. Now, it’s all BREAKING NEWS, which CNN’s never ending crawlus interruptus tells us is everything from Lindsay Lohan missing community service to President Obama’s golfing buddy to North Korea conducting nuclear testing. No, really. That’s the gamut.

But there’s something else happening in our media, and it’s terribly odious. We now have elected officials who, whether in front of a live, national audience on one of our broadcast channels, or, in the Chambers of our Congress, are “making” news of their own based on their own suspicions and theories. No facts or evidence or source material. Just their intuition and gut. Networks then fall all over themselves to see who can get the bigger scoop – having the “news maker” on to repeat their outrageous statement or postulation of the day, or, reporting what was said with a “you decide” sendoff.

No, We, The People, do not decide. You, the media, need to do your jobs and inform us. While you’re working on that, please stop covering these clowns and their assumptions, theories, suspicions and estimations; what they live for is your airtime. So unless they come to the table grounded in reality, why give them what they need? And believe me, they need it badly. Much in the same way you and I need oxygen.

The two grandest perpetuators of Easy-Bake news these days are Senators (yes, sitting United States Senators) Ted Cruz (R-TX) and Rand Paul (R-KY), both of them newly minted. Let’s get a little perspective here: no matter what any of us may think of these guys, they are 2 of 100 individuals who shape our policy and control the debate in this country. A Senator holds enormous power. Make no mistake. However, the bigger the buffoon, the greater their platform, it seems. Thank you, Ronald Reagan.

Well……anyone can stir it up.

You know what I think?

I think that Ted Cruz must be the love-child-menopause-baby-product of Phyllis Schlafly and Antonin Scalia from one hot night in Yonkers in 1969 (’69….how fitting). Yes, that’s it. Ted Cruz is Antonin Scalia’s secret offspring. O.M.G. The Supreme Jurist’s nine legit children will be p.o.’d, with a capital P. Does this sound improbable to you? Because it’s 100 (in my mind). It could be totally true. And it would so explain where the new Senator gets his constitutional gravitas and pleasant demeanor. Genetics. Ah-mayze. I mean, this would be like Michael Moore and Gloria Steinem procreating to make the most perfect femanist ever.

I don’t have anything to back this up, of course. I’m just saying, if Phyllis Schlafly were at some point in her younger years to have ever seduced a younger man for his big brain prowess, it would (could?) have (maybe?) been Scalia. And they totally could have had a love child. And Ted Cruz sort of does resemble one or both of them. Perhaps. Things that make you go hmmmm.

But again. I’m just speculating. Just kickin’ it around.

Just following the example of our leaders – like Mr. Cruz – for whom speculation is sport. I’ll admit it, last week, he totally had me at Hamas. Hello, Chuck Hagel, is there anything else you’d like to share with us? Any other “speeches” before “questionable” groups like the American-Arab Discrimination Committee you’d like to tell us about? Or do we have to wait for truth-seekers like Senator Cruz and his distinguished colleague, Rand Paul, to do all the heavy lifting because journalists of the world are such lazy lightweights? Reporting facts and all. Pfffffft.

Speaking of Rand Paul. You know, he’s from that generation. The one with the zillion “Taggarts” running around. So if Mitt Romney and Ron Paul went on a baby-naming spree…….mind blown. Atlas would instantly right himself.

He’s sure shrugging a little less now that Rand is on the job. Thank goodness, or else how (but for the obsession of manbian Lindsey Graham) would we get to the bottom of Benghazi if son-of-Ron didn’t have the courage to lay it all out there with his “suspicion” – although, to be fair, he did say it was a suspicion. He did say that he “didn’t have any proof” – that guns were being smuggled out of Libya, through Turkey and into Syria, and that our government was involved. I’m suspicious of the Libya to Turkey to Syria pipeline, too, Senator. I am, I am. I also agree with you: Benghazi was definitely the “worst tragedy since 9/11”. Why substantiate any of this when you’ve got a hunch and a dedicated “news” channel smooching your tuckus?

I have a question. If these right wing kooks who who want to slash and shrink and starve the government to death hate it so damn much, well, they know where the door is, but why are they collecting a salary and benefits from a government they admittedly would like to see shut its doors?

But oh, Rand Paul thinks he can be President (excuse me while I chortle). President of what, exactly? What are you going to be President of if there is nothing left by the time you and your colleagues, like Mr. Cruz, are done with it?

Actually, do you know the best thing about Ted Cruz? He was born in Canada. The end.

The remedy for speech that is false is speech that is true. This is the ordinary course in a free society. The response to the unreasoned is the rational; to the uninformed, the enlightened; to the straight-out lie, the simple truth. – Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy

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