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February 27, 2013

Godly Representatives: Pedophiles


The Catholic Church was pushed under the media spotlight once again, with the recent decision by Pope Benedict XVI to step down from his position as the head of the Church. And as it was expected, criticism and speculations followed shortly thereafter. While it isn’t the intention of this article to elaborate on all the speculations surrounding the Pope’s resignation, it is to shed some light on a tragic subject matter that has been connected to the Catholic Church for many years: The child sexual abuse crimes committed by catholic priests and members of Roman Catholic orders. Over a decade…

Death of Palestinian Prisoner Sparks Unrest in West Bank


The death of Palestinian prisoner Arafat Jaradat, 30, who was being held in an Israeli military prison for throwing rocks at Israeli cars, sparked unrest in many West Bank towns on Sunday. Palestinian officials have called for an investigation into Jaradat’s death, which Israeli officials attributed to a heart attack. “Rescue services and a doctor were alerted and treated him. They didn’t succeed in saving his life,” Israel’s internal intelligence service, the Shin Bet, said in a statement. Many Palestinians remain suspicious about the true circumstances surrounding Jaradat’s death, after a top Palestinian doctor, who was present at the autopsy…