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The Progressive Press — Death of Palestinian Prisoner Sparks Unrest in West Bank:

February 25, 2013

Dear Mississippi: Give Credit Where It Is Due On 13th Amendment Ratification


Mississippi, you’ll pardon us if this does not look good to the outside world. You know, given your history. Many of you may have followed our January piece regarding Mississippi, its sordid history with the 13th Amendment and our contact with legendary State Senator Hillman Frazier. The gist of it is this: though it symbolically did so in March of 1995, the State of Mississippi - site of some of the nation’s most egregious civil rights atrocities – never officially ratified the Thirteenth Amendment to the United States Constitution abolishing slavery. I know, right? History nerds and enthusiasts may appreciate this…

The Destructive Side Of Patriotism


Patriotism: the love and devotion to one’s country, the support and defense of one’s country. In other words, national loyalty. This sentiment is closely related to Nationalism, where a group of individuals strongly identify themselves with a nation based on political ideology, common cultural characteristics or even common religion and race. But where do we draw the line between patriotism and nationalism? A clear line cannot be drawn. There is a positive and destructive side to both patriotism and nationalism. Pride in the national language, attachment to the native soil, pride in the culture and history of the nation, are…