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February 21, 2013

It’s the Infrastructure…Stupid!

Bridge Collapse

Presently, all  talk in Washington is focused on the latest twined crisis: the debt ceiling and sequestration. In the background of this collective hand wringing and fear mongering over this new self-imposed crisis in Congress, something bigger is looming; our crumbling infrastructure and its insufficient Federal funding. Well-maintained infrastructure is essential for the economic health of the United States. Its bridges, roads, dams, transit systems, airports, sea/river ports, water/sewer systems, and electrical grids are in grave need of repair and expansion. The problem with our highways and bridges has been known for a significant amount of time, perhaps more than…

A Teacher’s Time

teacher pay, teacher performance

Statistics show that more than half of all teachers will leave the classroom in their first five years on the job. I taught high school English for six years and am steadfast in the knowledge that I became an excellent teacher. I also know that the demands of the job cannot make up for the price I had to pay. That price was time. Test scores or bonus pay rarely motivate performance. Many teachers feel drawn to the field because they seek to share a love of learning. The rewards of helping a student unlock their potential are undeniable. Yet,…

Who is Penny Pritzker?

Obama’s possible pick for Commerce Secretary, Penny Pritzker, will not seem to get a whole lot of love from many in working class. By all accounts Penny Pritzker is an extremely successful businesswoman. She, along with her three cousins, owns and manages their family’s fortune, which includes Hyatt hotels, casinos and other ventures. She is also the co-founder and partial owner of a chain of luxury retirement communities, an airport parking company, a realty group and the credit-rating agency TransUnion. Although she looks perfect on paper, there are many problems could prevent her from being the next Secretary of Commerce….