January 17, 2013

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Will Tigers Be Around in 2112?


About a month ago, my sister-in-law had a baby girl. I’m thrilled that we have another child in our family, but the birth of Brooke Nicole makes me think a lot about what will happen during her lifetime. More people are living to the age of 100. My grandmother reached that milestone, and the expectations are that people will live even longer in the future. In other words, Brooke, born in 2012, will likely see 2112. Her children will even live further into the 22nd century, and her grandchildren might see 2200. 2112. Rock aficionados recognize the significance of the…

The Origins of “So Help Me God” – Swearing in Our Leaders


We’ve all seen our President and other elected leaders take their oaths of office, most often placing their hand on a Bible, settling their oaths finally with the words “So help me God.” Many say, “Aha!  So our Founders never meant for separation of church and state!”  This is not so.  Our Constitution does not require that Presidents or other leaders take oath upon the Bible – nor does it require the repetition of “So help me God.”  In fact, the Constitution clearly spells out that oaths are to be dully secular in content. The Presidential oath of office, Article…

It Must Be Fun To Be A Conservative


Imagine living in a world where you are always right, no matter what. Nothing that happened yesterday could ever affect how you feel today, and all principles work in your favor all the time.  The Constitution is a stick you can beat people with, yet nothing in it ever constrains you in any way. Your political doctrine is enshrined in that document, as well as a denunciation of all other doctrines. Why is it so? Because you say it is! Nothing more is needed. This is the fairy-tale world that conservatives live in, where they can say whatever they want,…

Idle No More – Don’t Count Them Out


Idle No More is an international , grass roots organization, formed by 4 Canadian women on November 10, 2012, in Saskatoon, for the purpose of speaking out on behalf of Indigenous Sovereignty.  The group calls for peaceful acts of resurgence and reclamation of sacred sites. It has attracted supporters from the UK, US, and all across Canada. Indigenous Sovereignty, in this context, refers to the treaty rights of Indigenous people to land and water rights in their home country. These rights may include hunting, fishing, construction of housing and businesses, and other rights to use the waterways and land. The…

Myth: “Obamacare” Will Put The Government Between Me And My Doctor


Just the opposite is true. Before Obamacare, Americans had an insurance company or an HMO between them and their doctor. These companies tell you which doctor you can see, what prescription medicines you can take, what procedure you can have and how long you can stay in the hospital. They have a financial incentive to deny payment or limit your health care, and they do this every day. The Affordable Health Care Act removed the limitations that insurance companies put on you. It removed the barriers between you and your doctor and gives you better access to health care. You…